Welcome to Simple Daily Health, we hope to become the Number one resource for FREE Health Advice, be it Weight Loss, Acne or Getting Abs.

We started this site because we are passionate about our Health, and wanted to provide a simple easy to understand health website, too many people including me a few years ago found health complicated, because so called experts made it so, they used complex pointless jargon to try and make themselves look smart, rather than simple easy to understand words!

I don’t know about you but I’m kind of lazy, and in truth not very academic, I mean I got an E in English, so yes there probably will be grammatical errors, maybe a spelling mistake or two, but if you want accurate ridiculously simple health advice, over complex pointless well spelt rubbish which will send you to sleep then this site really is the place for you, if you’re looking for over complicated, then you’re in the wrong place, we are not called “Simple Daily Health” for nothing…

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