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How to React After a Cancer Diagnosis


How to React after a Cancer Diagnosis


After Cancer Diagnose

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       Recent research by Cancer research UK Institute indicate that compare 25 years ago, the survival rates for cancer patients is doubled and the people with Breast, Bowel or ovarian Cancer are twice as likely to live more than 10 years than patience with the same type of cancer diagnosed in the late 1990.




Knowledge is the Power

When someone receive for the first time the news to have Cancer, the emotional status that you face pass from a shock, feat, anger, confusion and mostly depression, that often involve all family member .

All these feeling are totally normal but the most effective way to react to this hard situation is to think Positive and keep your immune system strong and ready to fight against the cancer.

Knowledge is the Key and it can help you regain a sense of control.  Internet Books and Cancer Survival testimonial are great source to be focus to quickly have access to practical advice and potentially life saving information.

This is extremely important because you and together with your doctor will have to make the right decision about what treatment choose and which are the best option available to fighting the disease .


Positive Mental Attitude

  • It’s incredibly important have a (PMA)  Positive Mental Attitude and believe that you will get better and continue to play your future your next trips and projects as before.

  • Don’t be afraid to talk about your fear and concerns, talk with positive people that cares about you and this will help you to reduce your anxiety.
  • Talk with other people who have been in your situation can be helpful and can help you also to be 100% understood about your feeling and emotions.
  • Another Positive Tips is to consider to participate at Weekly talk group session with other cancer survivors as best way to support all group and share  knowledge and support.

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