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Banana Diet

Benefit of Banana Diet


Making a change in one’s eating habits is not an easy task. There is something to be said about sitting down with a pint of ice cream to watch a good movie, or choosing an unhealthy fast food option on a busy day. However, an important aspect of achieving a healthy body is examining what one eats every day, including the types of food being eaten and just how much is on the plate.

As a response to people’s immediate need to lose weight and feel better many fad diets have come and gone including the cabbage soup diet, liquid diet, and many others. Most recently, the media has highlighted the banana diet as the new way to lose weight quickly and safely.

The Banana Diet

The Banana Diet or the “Morning Banana Diet” is actually quite simple to follow. Developed in Japan by a Japanese pharmacist, its basic instruction is to eat a banana for breakfast accompanied by warm water. Even though other fruits are allowed as substitutes, the banana is considered the best fruit for the job.

Because of its constitution, this inexpensive and widely available fruit makes on feel full longer, in theory decreasing the need to snack or overeat in the morning. This simple eating plan took Japan by storm and many people claimed success by following its basic premise. If one feels hungry after breakfast, the plan allows for a small fruit snack an hour after breakfast.

As the day progresses, the Banana Diet allows you to eat whatever you please for lunch and dinner, as long as it does not include dairy products or alcohol. It also encourages the dieter to stop eating when he or she feels 80% full. One should only drink water that is room temperature, dismiss desserts and stop all food as of 8:00 p.m.

So, does it work? It is not a bad eating plan altogether, but it is certainly not realistic. When one decided to lose weight and achieve a healthier weight it is important to make the necessary lifestyle changes to support that decision.



Banana Diet


Choosing to eat only bananas in the morning is not a realistic goal, particularly if the rest of the day is open for all food groups. As you embrace a healthier body, you should always seek to balance your meals throughout the day, instead of giving yourself free license because you had a banana for breakfast. Certainly the creator’s advice of limiting alcohol and dairy products is a good one, as is slowing down your eating when you feel 80% full, but it is not enough to make long-lasting changes.


Time and time again it has been shown that eating foods that are rich in antioxidants and nutrients far exceeds the caloric benefits of deep-fried and processed foods. The Banana Diet does not put much of a restriction on these, which makes it a half-hearted attempt at helping the dieter make the changes necessary to achieve permanent weight loss.

This Diet also fails to address the need for increased physical activity to achieve a healthier body. Nutrition is only a component of a healthy body, but it needs to be supplemented with proper exercise and healthy living habits, such as staying away from tobacco products.

The Banana Diet does not address any of these issues. Furthermore, it keeps perpetuating the idea that there is a magic pill or food able to catapult the dieter into a healthy weight with minimal effort. In reality, it takes planning and commitment to reach the weight and health goals one seeks.

While bananas are great fruits to add to your diet, they are not the answer to all your dieting needs. They should be part of a balanced approach to nutrition including healthy and organic juicy drinks, one that keeps in mind your individual needs as well as your ultimate weight loss goal. Assuming that you will shed those extra pounds by merely substituting your breakfast cereal with a banana is unrealistic and sure recipe for failure.

Instead, seek to plan your whole day around healthier foods and make sure that at every meal or snack you make smart decisions about what you put in your body. Couple that with exercise and healthy choices and you will be well on your way to a long-lasting healthy body.


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