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How Set your Goals For Weight Loss And Developing Abs

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Goals are paramount in weight loss or getting big and ripped, there is a saying “you cannot work towards something you cannot see” and it especially applies here, you need to set an actionable fitness goal, ideally written down, maybe even with a picture, for the best chance of achieve it.

If you don’t know what you want, you cannot work towards it which means you will slip from your diet, and ultimately fail, that’s the cold hard truth of it.

To succeed you need to:

1: Set Actionable Goals – Don’t set a goal of losing 100 pounds or bulking up and getting abs in a month, it doesn’t happen overnight, you are setting yourself up for failure, set yourself up for success by making sensible goals, I will lose 10 pounds, I will gain 10 pounds in the next month etc.

2: It’s all in the details – You need to make your goal detailed, the more detailed it is the more effective it is, for example instead of just saying I want to lose weight, decide on specifics, this instructs makes your mind focus and energise you to success.

3: Allow for Flexibility – If your goal is to lose 100 pounds in a years, you have worked your ass off all year, and you still haven’t achieved your goal, you can decide on a new deadline, its ok to be flexible, and not always reach the goal on deadline as long as you’re working your ass off to achieve the goal and moving forward not backwards.

4: Link Action with Reward – If you goal is to lose 10 pounds or gain 10 pounds, in two week weeks, if you achieve it, then you should reward yourself, be that with a new CD or even a bowl of the forbidden ice cream (just don’t eat too much, one bowl now and then won’t do you any hard though)

5: Be Positive – Don’t use negative words, positive phrases, make it positive, for instance say “lose 10 pounds and go and celebrate at the best restaurant in London” rather than “lose weight or else I will die young”

6: Stay committed – Don’t set goals then give up, most people know that setting goals is good, but most people set goals then give up on their goal when it gets hard, if you want to achieve your goal, you need to be committed, I go to the gym 3 times a week without fail, because I am committed, when I really can’t be bothered, when I’m feeling lazy, I go anyway, I push myself through it, you need to be committed, and put in the time and hard work.

7: Make sure all your goals are aligned – When I started writing goals, I had so many goals, some even conflicted, it is unachievable, how can you work towards your goals if you have two goals which send you in different directions, for example if one goal is to become a sumo wrestler and your other goal is to get 6 pack abs, they confict, you cannot do both its impossible, you need to decide which goals are important, narrow it down, really think hard and decide on what you want, then if you do everything else, in this list you will succeed.

Putting all 7 Points together, here is an example of my favourite way to write goals:

 “It is now 12th May 2013, I have a body similar to Zyzz, as I have gained 50 lean lbs, I have 6 pack abs and I have just eaten my steak dinner at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant

I usually include a picture just for extra clarification but as long as you have the 7 elements above, then it’s really just personal preference.

If you do everything here, I guarantee you will achive your fitness/weightless goal.


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