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Good Diet Foods

healthy-diet-pyramidStriving to be healthier is a goal many people around the world share in common. Generally speaking, most people seek to make healthier food choices, increase their physical activity and decrease or fully eliminate any adverse choices such as smoking and excessive drinking. There are many fad diets available through mainstream media that encourage forsaking certain foods or embracing only one. Others suggest the substitution of meals for shakes or another product manufactured for this purpose. Cosmetic surgeries have also gained in popularity and they declare themselves as the ultimate solution to eliminate fat and get the body you want. However, research and history have both shown that there is no better option to losing weight than concentrating on healthy eating and exercising.

Scientists have long recommended certain foods as the best diet foods, and in recent years the evidence for their effectiveness has been highlighted. Some of those foods include fruits, vegetables and legumes. Lean protein is also often included in healthy eating plans, and above all else, the need for portion control is also prevalent. Long gone are the days in which being on a diet was an exercise in boredom with only broiled chicken and lettuce for a meal day in and day out. Today, people seeking to eat healthier can incorporate many delicious dishes into their lives without compromising their health or fitness goals. The recipes below can help you eat nutritious yet flavorful meals.

Cauliflower “Rice”

For many people rice is a staple in their diet, and choosing to substitute it for brown rice or other vegetable and legumes can be quite a challenge. This simple recipe will let you retain the texture and look of rice in your meals while adding a healthier option.

1 head cauliflower (or however much you want)
1 teaspoon of butter or olive oil (optional)


There are two ways to prepare this dish. You can use a knife to carefully slice the cauliflower in a way that it resembles the size and texture of couscous. Alternatively, you can use a food processor and shred the cauliflower very finely.

Heat the cauliflower in a saucepan and add some water to cook as you would normally cook rice. Add some salt to the water if you like. Once it is cooked to the texture of rice, add butter or olive oil for added flavor (optional). Let it rest for five minutes, fluff and serve.

This is an excellent recipe if you have children who are not particularly fond of vegetables. The look and taste of this cauliflower “rice” is very close to real rice, making it an easy way to sneak an extra serving of vegetables.

For some people giving up their prepared iced coffee drink is a challenge. Even though they are delicious, they often carry too many calories and are rich in sugar and artificial flavors. However, there is an easy alternative to satisfy that sweetness and coffee kick without derailing your efforts.

Easy and Healthy Mocha Smoothie

1 or 2 frozen bananas
½ cup cooled coffee
½ cup almond milk
2 teaspoons cocoa powder

Place all your ingredients in a blender and make a delicious mocha smoothie to start your day!

This super easy recipe is great to add fruit into your diet while still satisfying that craving for an iced mocha in the morning. Cocoa has been touted as providing quite a few health benefits itself, so adding some anti-oxidants to your day is also a smart move! Use the bananas to adjust the smoothie’s thickness to your liking.


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