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Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Hypnosis Tape Losing weight is a constant challenge for many people. Yo-yo dieting is the norm for people all over the country and the world who spend a lot of time trying the next fad diet, adding supplements to their daily routine and counting calories. But in reality, losing weight effectively entails a true lifestyle change, one that incorporates exercise, healthy eating and a firm commitment to one’s new body. In recent years, hypnosis has been promoted as a great tool to help overcome weight gain.

Hypnosis involves achieving a state of introspection and concentration which is usually achieved with the help of a professional. A hypnotherapist usually relies on evoking mental pictures and utilizing repetition. By achieving this state, the person’s focus and concentration is elevated beyond what our daily life is like. The reason it is presumed to work for weight loss, is that when one is hypnotized, there is an openness to outside messaging, including those asking one to change a behavior, such as overeating or increasing physical activity. To date, it is uncertain whether hypnosis alone can help one lose weight, but it appears to be effective when combined with other tactics.

Several reputable publications, including leading health magazines, have promoted the use of hypnosis for weight loss, but its effectiveness seems to vary greatly depending on the person and the general receptiveness to hypnosis. Some people say that going through hypnosis makes them feel out of control and unsettled, whereas others express the opposite. In their cases they feel extremely focused and in control. What is most important, though, is that most people have not relied exclusively on hypnosis for their weight loss. Instead, they have used the power of the mind in conjunction with portion control, more exercise and better food choices.

Hypnosis as a technique has been widely used for other issues and seems to be effective. Lately, many people seeking to kick their cigarette habit have turned to hypnosis with great results. The same can be said for the treatment of depression and other psychological conditions. The help of a therapist can be the deciding factor that will catapult the person to success or ultimately prevent them from moving forward. As with many types of mental health solutions, the scientific community has different opinions and its impact is sometimes very hard to assess.

Is it worth trying? Hypnosis is really at everyone’s fingertips. There are qualified therapists that can help achieve that higher level of abstraction, but there are also downloadable videos and audio to help the amateur incorporate it into his life. The evidence points to the fact that hypnosis alone is not going to single-handedly make one shed tens of pounds, but it may be very helpful as an additional tool in the same way weight-lifting and eating organic can help contribute to a successful weight loss regime. So if you are thinking of trying hypnosis for weight loss and have ready access to it, do not hesitate, it may be very helpful. Reaching out to other people on the community that have had first-hand experience with hypnosis is also a great way to gather more information before making a decision about how applicable it is for you.


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