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Meal Tip: Sushi Diet

Fish is world renowned and eaten religiously by body builders, because of its packed with protein, Omega 3, enzymes and other important nutrients and best of all it has no saturated fat, and very little natural fat.

With Sushi as it is raw, it also retains all nutrients which are usually lost or deteriorated during cooking.

Depending on the mode of preparation, sushi combines a small amount of carbohydrates (rice) too but these are essential in low quantities, therefore this combination can help lower cholesterol and increase metabolism, this will allow your body to burn off food quicker, and therefore you will weight.

How to use Sushi to lose weight:

Well that’s up to you, some people (just like body builders live on Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel), will literally live on sushi, other people prefer a more balanced diet, personally I like to enjoy life, I could not eat sushi breakfast, lunch and tea, I would hate it and i wouldn’t be able to keep up, so I would maybe eat sushi once a week, and combine in other foods, but this is slightly slower progress but its more sustainable, If all you eat is a sushi diet, you may lose those 6 pounds in 7 days but when you lapse and eat normal food, you will put you pounds back on, and you may be thinking now i wont lapse, but really think about it Sushi even for the next year it will get boring, even a few weeks it will get boring… but whichever option you decide it’s up to you, you know what i would do!

The key thing with Sushi is stay away from fried and cream cheese sushi, also avoid Tamago & Tempuras.

Sushi Diet :

Breakfast: 6 California Rolls or Vegetable Rolls with ponzu (soy sauce).

2 Hours before lunch: 1 Banana or 4 low sodium crackers

Lunch: 12 Tuna/Salmon sushi rolls or fresh Vegetable rolls (Stay away from fried sushi)

Mid Afternoon: 1 Apple or 4 piece Spicy Rolls (The spicy roles help increase metabolism)

Dinner: 12 pieces of spicy tuna roll or California Rolls.

Feel free to have Citrus vinegar with your rolls, as this burns fat while supporting metabolic processes, and also ginger as this encourages faster digestion.

For optimum results you should consume meals slowly and drink 4 pints of water a day, for an alternative to water you can have Green tea.

Recommended Reading:

Sushi: Easy Recipes for Making Sushi at Home  – One of my personal favourite Sushi books, it is in my opinion a must for anyone who wants to try preparing their own sushi. It is available from Amazon, and most good book stores, its full of pictures and very easy to understand.


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  1. Sam January 26, 2013 at 5:37 am - Reply

    Interesting article i did not know sushi was that good for you, but i agree exclusively on Sushi is not the way to live.

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