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Milk Diet

 The Milk Diet

You may have heard people talk about the Milk Diet. In actual fact, there are four diet plans that are regularly referred to as the Milk Diet, each one with a are very different logic and effects.


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Three of these plans are designed for weight loss, but one of them is geared towards quick weight gain, so it is important to know exactly what diet you plan to use and what the stated effects of such a diet will be.

How to do Milk Diet and the four different plans are referred to as the Radical Milk Diet, the Supplementary Milk Diet, the 24/24, and the Whole Milk Diet Plan.

The Radical Milk Diet

This type of Diet can be dangerous, and is not recommended. It is included here simply to give you knowledge of what the diet is. Because of the risks involved, this is an extreme weight loss diet.

The Radical Milk Diet is a diet plan where all food is replaced with milk for a week. During this time, physical activity must be kept to a minimum (as your body won’t have the fuel to do anything).

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The Supplementary Milk Diet

On the Supplementary diet plan you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner as normal. There is no forbidden food, no calorie counting, or anything like that. You do need to have a glass of milk with each meal, and that’s it. Between meals the Supplementary Milk Diet plan really kicks in. Every time you want a snack through the day, you have a glass of milk instead.

The 24/24 diet

The 24/24 diet requires that you drink 24 ounces of semi-skimmed milk every 24 hours. Any liquids consumed in excess of this must be water. The 24/24 diet apparently works best if the majority of food you consume is fruit and veg, you eat a lean source of protein (eg chicken breasts) once per day, and you exercise for at least twenty minutes a day.

Of course, if you eat fresh fruit, vegetables and a lean source of protein, drink only water, and exercise for twenty minutes every day, you’re going to lose weight anyway, so the necessity of the 24 ounces of milk is debatable. It is said that the calcium content of the milk really helps with the weight loss.

The Whole Milk Diet

The Whole Milk Diet is the opposite of these other dietary plans as it is for putting weight on quickly. With this diet you are aiming to eat 4000 calories every day, and drink 1 gallon of whole milk on a daily basis.

The Whole Milk Diet, when combined with short repetitions of lifting very heavy weights, is great for quickly building up muscle. Without the weightlifting the huge amount of calories you are ingesting will quickly lead to fat. Without the calories, the weightlifting will do little good as there will be nothing to build muscles from.

Milk Diet Warnings

Like all fad diets, the first free variations of the Milk Diet are optimized to allow you to lose water weight. Your overall body mass index, and in particular your body fat percentage, will change at a much slower rate than the Milk Diet will seem to suggest.

Proper nutrition and regular exercise is the best way to control your body weight. Control meaning to not only lose weight, but to lower your body fat percentage and keep the weight off.

People who are lactose intolerant should not use any of the Milk Diets.


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