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Niacin Diet

Niacin DietHaving a healthy body is a goal for many people. Particularly as the media focuses on the increase of obesity, cardiovascular disease and other weight-related conditions, it seems like many are in a constant quest to find a solution to their own weight issues. Holding a healthy weight is a factor of many variables. Genetic pre-disposition, lifestyle, physical activity and many others work together to determine your look and overall healthiness. Needless to say, what one eats plays an important role in how one looks and what happens inside the body. Nutrients, vitamins and minerals are all part of the equation when deciding upon your daily nourishment.

In this day and age, when information is so readily available, one need only search for the word “diet” on the internet to find countless eating plans, supplements, super foods, etc. It is enough to confuse a person and leave them dumbfounded as to how to move forward with a healthier eating habit. One particularly confusing arena is that of dietary supplements. It seems like information is not only over abundant but can also appear to be contradictory. One supplement that has come forward in the form of a popular aid to weight loss is Niacin.

Niacin is also known as vitamin B3 and is considered by some as a very important part of the daily diet. Although it is by no means a weight loss program, it is suspected that it helps weight loss by increasing a person’s energy and reducing stress. Both of these factors help the dieter have more energy and endurance for exercising, which in turn results in losing weight.

The good thing about niacin or vitamin B is that it is not only available in supplements, but can also be found naturally in many food products. Research has shown that combining B vitamins (B5, B15,B3, etc.) yields positive outcomes for the individual. Some foods rich in B vitamins include beef and liver, but those who would like to find B vitamins in other foods should try nuts such as almonds, brown rice, and some popular seeds. If you would rather take it in the form of a supplement, you can find a wide array of brands at many drugstores and health stores. An ideal niacin supplement should contain between 50 and 200 mg of niacin per pill.

Exploring different supplements that may help your weight loss efforts is a good idea. However, these supplements are not enough to effectively trigger significant weight loss. The true difference in your body will be seen when you decide to incorporate a balanced diet into your day as well as increased physical activity. Time and time again it has been shown that for weight loss to be sustainable it needs to achieved gradually and by incorporating and committing to healthy habits. Choosing to eat lean protein, fruits, vegetables and legumes instead of fast food, chips and ice cream is the beginning of a healthier body. Slowly building your endurance and committing to physical activity throughout the week is just as important and effective in yielding the desired results.

Definitely stay away from fad diets and do not start taking supplements at whim. Always consult with your doctor on what makes sense for you, your overall medical status and your lifestyle. Make sure you set up realistic goals and seek professional help as needed. The real secret to a slimmer and healthier body is being committed to a healthy lifestyle. Fad diets are short-lived and ineffective in the long-run, so do not pin your hopes on this. Rather, take the time to design a sensible eating and exercise plan that fits your personality and work-life balance.


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