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Sonoma Diet

The sonoma Diet PLan


It has become clear that obesity continues to be a problem throughout the United States, despite efforts of public health organizations and private entities. When one decides to take control of one’s health and eating habits, the options for becoming healthier are quite numerous. But is one program better than another?

A visit to the bookstore will also yield an astounding number of options to achieve a healthier body. Low-fat diets, low-carb diets, vegetarian, vegan, all of them are a part of the bookshelves. Their advice can often be contradictory, leaving the dieter feeling confused and indecisive. A recent addition to this menu of options is the Sonoma Diet.

The Sonoma Diet

Published as a book, the Sonoma Diet is based on portion control and making it easier for people to eat the types and quantities of food necessary to achieve weight loss and maintenance.

The Sonoma Diet seeks to highlight the foods one is recommended to eat, rather than those excluded from a healthy diet. Similar to other popular diets, the book provides a list of foods not embraced in the diet, which is very similar to other diets promoting low-carb eating. Even though The Sonoma Diet proclaims not to be a low-carb program, in reality its practice results in controlling carbohydrates.



One of the strongest points of The Sonoma Diet is that it encourages the dieter to have a positive relationship with food and to truly enjoy the act of eating and the flavors on your plate. To this point, the diet allows a glass of wine with dinner at a certain phase. Followers of this diet will find themselves encouraged to try a variety of foods while learning about their nutritional value. It focuses on promoting whole foods and discouraging processed meals.

However, The Sonoma Diet limits calorie intake quite dramatically, starting with less than 1200 calories per day for women, which is quite low. Its focus on limiting the amount of food you eat translates into limiting the amount of vegetables one eats.

  • For example, spinach occupies far too much of a seven inch plate, so even though it is a healthy food its consumption is compromised by the food real estate available. Similarly, the decrease in carbs can cause one’s body to crash and the plan is deficient in giving pointers to deal with the crash.

So is the Sonoma Diet a sensible weight loss plan? There certainly are some aspects to it that can be helpful in losing weight and keeping it off.

  • For example, forsaking processed foods is always a good idea, particularly to favor healthier fare. However, overly restrictive diets often result in becoming way too difficult to follow in order to sustain weight loss.



The Food and the calorie restriction maybe difficult for some to follow and also a no contingency for hunger, meaning that there is no advice during the hungry moments

It has been shown that eating sensibly and making a healthy lifestyle an integral part of your day is what will ultimately result in sustainable weight loss. There isn’t one magic food or quick fix to shedding the pounds and keeping them off. Being trim and healthy involves increasing your physical activity and making smart choices at every meal.



For those who have struggle to be disciplined respecting the rule to weight loss, Sonoma plant it maybe too hard, even if it’s clear that to really achieve evidents results its key factor make a serious decision in the habits and daily routine.

To Know more about Sonoma Diet, we highly recommend to Watch this Video Below about the Sonoma Diet approach and the Ten Wave series of the Diet Plan.



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