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Tapeworm Diet

tapeworm-dietAnyone who has tried to lose weight knows how challenging this can be. Despite careful calorie counting, excessive exercise or commitment to a protein-only diet you may still find your body slow to shed the pounds. This challenge can become even more marked if you find a diet buddy that loses weight at a more rapid pace than you do. It is precisely this frustration that may prompt some to try extreme measures in order to lose weight. One fad diet method that takes weight loss to the extreme is the tapeworm diet.

This very dangerous approach to weight loss involves ingesting tapeworms in order to help your body shed some pounds. Strictly speaking, it can be an effective method, but it is so dangerous that it is illegal in the United States. At the very least, the tapeworm diet exposes the dieter to the formation of cysts, which can be fatal in some cases. It can also cause intestinal blockages and leave the dieter in a state of malnutrition that will certainly affect his or her overall wellbeing.

For those not familiar with this diet, it essentially involves ingesting beef tapeworm cysts in order to have it disrupt the digestive process, thus preventing the body from absorbing nutrients. Essential to this process is that the tapeworm is verified to be beef, as opposed to pig tapeworms which may also be found in cows. This parasite allows the dieter to eat many calories while losing weight, but at the same time the worm is depleting the body from vitamins and other essential nutrients necessary for the body.

Although it is illegal in the United States, the tapeworm diet is available in countries as close as Mexico and dieters can expect to lose around two pounds per week until the desired weight is achieved. At that time, the person is given a deworming solution in order to rid the body of the beef tapeworm and the body returns back to normal. However, in the process of losing weight in this way, the body has slowly but surely lost many of the necessary minerals and vitamins, leaving it weaker and susceptible to a myriad of other conditions.

Aside from the obvious unpleasantness of having a tapeworm in one’s body and the side effects this entails, there are other factors to consider. First of all, tapeworm diets are not regulated which increases the unreliability and dangers it presents. Second, there is no guarantee that the weight loss will be permanent once the tapeworm is expelled from the body, which may result in an even greater weight gain. Third, it can be an expensive treatment particularly because travel expenses need to be included.

Research continues to show that losing weight is not about fad diets, such as the one described here. It is actually about embracing new habits and making them part of your lifestyle. One should always seek to eat healthy foods in moderate quantities, as well as lead an active lifestyle that will keep muscles and organs in better shape. Consulting with your doctor is also essential when changing your eating and life habits. It is important that any new diet you adopt is in harmony with any conditions your body may be presenting at the time.

There are many resources available both online and offline that address healthy eating and healthy living and can even help you map out how to gradually introduce improved habits into your life. Unless you make a commitment to be healthy every day, no fad diet will help you get rid of unwanted pounds on a long-term basis. Always seek to make adjustments to your lifestyle that make sense with who you are and what you are seeking to achieve.


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