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The Subway Diet

Subway DietIt is a fact of life that many people are looking for a way to encourage their bodies to shed undesired pounds and emerge in its leanest and healthiest form. Although levels of commitment to this goal vary among individuals, it ranges from incredibly low-calorie approaches, to the selection of only a few food groups in your meals to excessive physical activity. Some choose to participate in diet-shake plans or eliminate meals altogether, which is not in line with a sustainable lifestyle or optimal nutrition. For a few years now, the Subway diet has gained the attention of media channels and diet publications, often heralded as an effective and healthy way of losing weight while eating from the popular fast-food restaurant.

Brought forward by Jared Fogle, this young man attributes his significant weight loss to the diet he designed around two specific sandwiches sold by Subway. After several failed attempts at following fad diets, Fogle decided that he should concentrate on decreasing his calorie intake, and took advantage of Subway’s published nutritional facts to build up his diet plan. Over the course of 11 months Jared Fogle lost over 100 pounds and managed to improve his overall health. He was able to achieve this by eating Subway’s turkey sub for lunch and its Veggie Delite for dinner. Both meals also included chips and a diet soda. Upon his successful attainment of weight loss, Fogle became a spokesperson for the restaurant chain and many other followed his footsteps and used his experience as a blueprint for their own weight loss.

What many people may not realize is that Jared Fogle was successful, but his path is not a sensible approach to weight loss. First of all, his process was constantly monitored by a physician, given the drastic changes he made to his eating habits. The diet that Fogle embarked upon was restricted to 1,000 calories per day, which is less than the recommended minimum daily calorie intake. Additionally, he completely disregarded the importance of breakfast and allowed only for coffee as its first meal of the day. This too is contrary to recommendations of health experts, who emphasize the importance of a healthy breakfast to start the day with energy and balance. Some followers may also ignore the fact that Jared incorporated daily physical activity as part of his weight loss plan, a critical component to his success, particularly after shedding the first pounds.

So should you follow the Subway Diet in order to lose weight? The simple answer is no. However, there are many important lessons to be learned from this approach. First of all, the secret to his success lied in reducing the number of calories he ate each day. This is a good lesson for anyone seeking to lose weight and keep it off. By taking the time to learn about calories and their value, you too can develop an approach that makes sense for your lifestyle. Another lesson to be had from the Subway Diet is that Jared’s sandwiches often contained a lot of vegetables, which is always a good addition to a healthier lifestyle. Including increased physical activity is also recommended not only to help shed those unwanted pounds, but also to strengthen your muscles and improve your cardiovascular capacity. One last lesson to be had from the Subway Diet is that any drastic changes in your nutrition or physical activity should be monitored by a physician, preferably one that is knowledgeable about your medical history and needs.

The Subway Diet has become famous and thousands of people claim to have lost weight successfully by following it. In reality, only sensible eating and a commitment to moderation and healthy choices are at the crux of losing weight and keeping it off. Time and time again the scientific community has shown that losing weight and keeping it off is a matter of committing to lifelong changes in the way we eat and exercise. There is no magic food, pill or diet that will achieve results that will last a lifetime, but incorporating healthier habits into your life will gradually make you leaner and reveal the healthier side of you.


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