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Vegetable Soup Diet

Vegetable Soup DietThere are so many variations on the vegetable soup diet that it is impossible to list them all. One of the most common variants is the cabbage soup diet, which reportedly can help you shed 10lbs a week.

The way the diet works is very simple. A full bowl of vegetable soup will have very few calories in it. For instance, there are only 45 calories in the cabbage soup recipe. Since you eat only the soup, you might have six bowls of soup per day (it is pretty filling).

So you would be consuming 270 calories a day. Women are supposed to consume 1200 per day, and men need 1800 calories. By lowering your intake so far below your recommended daily amount, the weight will fall off you.

What Happens if You Don’t Get Enough Calories

Most folk know they have to watch their calorie intake, but they don’t know what a calorie is. A calorie is a unit of heat energy, and a lot of things that aren’t food contain calories – there are 7,750,000 calories in a litre of petrol, for example.

Since calories are heat energy, that explains why workouts are referred to as burning off the calories. The more active a life you lead, the more calories your body needs as fuel. Or, to put it another way, it takes more petrol to drive across the country than to nip round to the shop for your morning paper. And if you try to drive across country with only enough petrol for a jaunt to the local store, your car will breakdown.

The same thing can happen with your body. It’s why people who haven’t eaten faint when exercising. It’s why people feel faint when they are hungry. Your body is suddenly running on less energy than it requires to keep everything going at optimum levels, and so it starts switching off non-essential processes. And you start feeling ill with hunger.

But the human body is a lot more complicated than a car, and not all of the calories it consumes on a daily basis is used as fuel. Some of this energy is stored as fat, to be used in the emergency situation of the body not getting enough calories. So, if your body needs 1200 calories per day to function, and you eat 2000 calories a day, then in essence you have 800 calories going to be stored as fat, every day.

If you suddenly drop your intake to as little as 270, your body still needs it’s 1200 a day. So suddenly your body starts consuming 930 calories of fat every day just to keep everything working smoothly.

You lose weight.

You stop dieting. Your calorie intake increases, and your body says “phew, I wonder what caused that emergency. I better start stockpiling fat just in case it happens again,” and suddenly you’re putting weight on as quickly as you took it off.

This is what is referred to as YOYO dieting.

So is the Vegetable Soup Plan worth it?

It really depends on your goal, your reason for losing weight. The vegetable soup diet is a great short term weight loss system. If you need to lose weight fast and it doesn’t matter if you put it on again afterwards, it is worth considering.

For example, a woman getting married in a few weeks discovers she is too big for the wedding dress, and it is too expensive to get it altered, so she loses 10lbs on the vegetable soup plan in time for her wedding, and loves her new figure so much that she decides to actively work towards getting into shape after the honeymoon.

And that’s an important consideration: the vegetable soup plan will help you lose a lot of weight quickly, but the only way to keep the weight off and be healthy long term is a balanced, nutritious meal plan and a lot of exercise.


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