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Why Most People Fail to Lose Weight or Get Abs

The answer is simple “Nutrition”, someone once said to me “Abs are made in the kitchen” and this couldn’t be more true, you can do as much cardio, as you want, as man abs exercises, or even lift heavy weights, but at the end of the day, if you have horrible nutrition, you are stopping yourself from getting to your full potential, you may get stronger, you may be more aerobic, but at the end of the day If you eat pizza, and other saturated fats while exercising, your still going to stay fat, you may gain less fat than someone who sits on their ass all day but you will still be fat none the less.

how to lose weight and get abs

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If however you realize that Abs are made in the kitchen, eat healthy get your nutrition right, measure your calories, then you are helping yourself, succeed.

When I say get your nutrition right, essentially what it comes down to three primary components:

  1. Calorie control – counting/monitoring your calories, personally I use, its free and really good since it has most foods already on it including own brand food, so you just need to select the right one and set up your meals, so it makes it allot easier than having to spend hours manually entering the information from the packet, not that there is anything wrong with that since some people still use excel, its mostly personal preference, and as I’m lazy, and busy, I prefer the easy way, not the spend 3 hours imputing food into excel way.
  2. Balance of macronutrients – protein, carbs, and fat – have the right balance, if your goal is weightless you want to be in a calorie deficit, on MyFitnessPal, if you want to gain weight you want to be in a calorie surplus, again using MyFitnessPal, work out your daily protein, carbs and fats.
  3. Stick to clean foods where possible –  a clean food would be something like an apple, in fact an apple is a grade a clean food, a non-clean food would be something like a highly processed apple pie you get from McDonalds!

As a general rule, 1 pound of fat has 3500 calories, so to lose roughly 1 pound of fat per week you need a 500 daily calorie deficit, you would think you could simply double that to loose double the fat, but it doesn’t quite work like that since as I mentioned in the low calorie diet post, your body goes into a starvation response and ends up eating muscle too, you end up losing muscle which is the opposite to what you want, so don’t try and cut fat quickly and dramatically.


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