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Top 5 Abs Exercises Routines To Reduce Belly Fat

Abs exercises are a critical, to your success at getting ripped, some people choose to them once a week, others like me do super-setting, where we do Exercise –> Abs —> Exercise –> Abs etc., so if i was doing Chest Press, i would do 10 reps then Abs then 10 reps then abs then 10 reps then abs then a difference exercise and the same again, exercise then abs, then exercise etc….

I like to vary around Abs exercises too, as I get really bored of doing variants of the same sets of exercises week in week out, so I have different abs exercises, currently I am doing similar to the below:

Abs Exercise #1: Knee Crunches

Knee crunches target primarily the upper abs, this is one of my favourite Abs exercises at the moment since it easy and it takes all pressure off the lower back.

To Do Knee crunches you essentially lift your up from the floor and cross them together, and then lift your arms up, so you would start like picture one above and end up like the second picture, repeating until failure.

Abs Exercise #2: Easy Bicycles

Easy bicycles target primarily lower abs, which make them an excellent complement to Knee Crunches.

To do easy bicycles you lift one leg off the floor and lean into that leg, so your elbow touches your knee, then you do the other leg and repeat until failure.

Abs Exercise #3: Planking

Plank exercises are a great way to work on the stomach while strengthening your back muscles.

To plank you need to get in a push-up position but placing your elbows on the floor with your forearms resting on the floor. You can also do a side plank where you are are on one arm.


Abs Exercise #4: Reverse Crunches

This is a lot more challenging than the other 3, since reverse crunches work both the lower abs and upper abs extremely hard.

To do reverse crunches you keep your legs off the ground and bring your knees into your chest, keeping your heels fairly close to your bum at the end.

Abs Exercise #5: V-Sits

V-sits work both lower and upper abs, but make sure you keep your back on the ground, and just lift your shoulders, rather than your whole back.

To do V-sits have you arms behind your head, and your legs close together, then when you are ready lift your legs and then put your arms forward trying to touch your toes. Similar to the picture above.

So that’s my 5 top Abs Exercises at the moment, as I am always changing my work out expect to see more Abs exercises soon.





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