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Free Home Workout Routines – Budget Friendly and Effective

If the thought of joining a gym frightens you, you’re not alone. Many people don’t want to go to the gym and work out in front of people that you have never met. Many are uncomfortable working out in front of others. Or, honestly, some people just can’t afford the monthly membership and financial commitment a gym membership brings. But, there are ways to get an effective work-out at home, without it costing you a penny. Well, except the cost of your internet connection.

There are many advantages to using workout routines obtained online that you can use at home. And you don’t necessarily have to have big pieces of equipment to do these routines either. Simply use household items, such as chairs and walls. For weights you could use large cans or even gallon-containers of water.

To start your own workout routine at home, if you are a beginner, you can start by introducing 5 muscle toning exercises to get you started. These can be squats, lunges, or a light weight-lifting exercise. In between each toning exercise, throw in some cardo intervals. These can be running in place, jumping jacks, or stair climbing. Basically, anything to get your heart rate up. These cardio intervals should go at a moderate rate of intensity. You want to boost your metabolism and burn calories. At the end of your workout, make sure to include a cool-down. If you don’t cool down, you run the risk for injury.

Since our lives are filled with so much to do on a daily basis, sometimes it is very difficult to even find time to get a decent workout in. On days when you can’t set aside a block of time to do a full routine, think about incorporating small bursts of exercise into any time of the day. Use commercial time during your favorite TV show to do crunches, or keep a set of dumb-bells next to your couch. Alternate doing bicep curls during each break. While you’re in the kitchen washing dishes, stop and do 10 squats after every dish you wash. Peeling potatoes? Do side leg lifts, switching legs when you move onto the next potato. You would be surprised at how beneficial it will be for you to do these small workouts. Waiting for the kids to get home from school? Do some burpees. Burpees are a very effective full body workout, wherein you jump down to the floor, extend your legs out behind you, do a push up, bring your legs back in, and jump up. Repeat 15 times. Your abs will love you (and after a few weeks of daily burpees, you will love your abs). Many people make it a habit to do 50 push-ups right before you get into bed at night, giving you the added push, knowing that when you’re done you have a warm, comfortable bed waiting for you.

It goes without saying that free workout routines means you are going to save money. For starters, you won’t be paying a monthly gym membership, that usually comes with an activation free and an early cancellation fee. And, you won’t be driving to the gym, so you’ll save on gas. Not having to worry about beating the crowds, or standing around waiting for your favorite machine to become available Workout when you want, in your own home, to your own music, and you will become motivated and enjoy the success that working out will bring. Not to mention , workout routines done in the home are just as effective as ones in the gym.

Some other suggestions are to work a routine in while you are cleaning house. Stop every few minutes to do squats or lunges. Use your wall and do a wall squat (stand with your back flat against the wall and bed down, always keeping your back flush against the wall. Hold that for at least 60 seconds….a great way to strengthen your thighs and glutes). Even vacuuming and mopping burn calories, so just up the tempo with some upbeat music. Working out at home does not always mean doing a routine from start to finish, but rather being creative, thereby saving time and money.

Remember working out is fun. And the choices and possibilities are endless with online workout routines. This wide variety will help motivate you and keep you coming back for more. Find routines that are fun to do, so that you will stick with them and never be bored. Every day you will look forward to working out,and this will become as much a part of your routine as brushing your teeth or cooking dinner. Have fun! Your body will thank you for it.


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