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Acne Fulminans

Those with severe acne, especially acne fulminans also known as “Acute febrile ulcerative acne” have quite the up-hill climb when it comes to treating their skin condition.


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This condition is a severe form of acne, which can occur after the unsuccessful treatment of acne conglobata. Acne fulminans is a rare disease and It is extremely severe and must be treated medically.

Causes of Acne Fulminans

Most of the time with acne this sever, just your diet alone is not going to help you cure your acne, as dermatologists have found that there is usually an impaired glucose flow, or an insulin insensitivity in the blood of those with this form of acne.

This means that the insulin hormone does not move the blood sugar from the blood stream into the body’s cell. This results in the excess blood sugar producing inflammation in the body. This includes the skin, increasing the chances of acne forming. So, it is advised that syrups, sodas, sugar and honey are significantly reduced in your overall diet.

The medical treatment of acne fulminans involves the use of topical creams and medications. However, certain foods can improve certain kinds of acne fulminans. Before starting a dietary program that you hope to improve acne, do your research.

Acne Diet Plan To Help Your Skin Condition

Fruits and vegetables that do not cause a spike in blood glucose after consumption are called low-glycemic plant foods. These are great source to eat to help improve your skin condition. These include bell peppers, broccoli, apricots, cherries, dried apples, cucumber, green peas, kale, kidney beans, tomatoes, oranges, and zucchini.


Healthy Diet


Eating foods high in vitamin E and the trace mineral selenium helps improves the effects of acne. A great source of this food is Brazil nuts. Therefore, when formulating your diet because of an acne issue, replace some portions of saturated-fat foods, like potato chips, with Brazil nuts, chia, sesame seeds, olive oil, wheat germ and other forms of nuts are great sources of vitamin E.

Another excellent mineral to help with skin issues is zinc. This does include Brazil nuts again, as well as egg yolk, ginger root, lamp, pecans, round steak, pumpkin seeds and fresh oysters.

Lastly, thinking about the liquids you can drink to help treat acne and your skin. Of course, it goes without saying that everyone should be drinking water all day long. Water is necessary for life, and can do wonders with anyone’s skin. Drinking water every two hours, this will help flush all kinds of toxins out of the body.


Water benefit for acne

 Also, using green drinks containing wheat grass, spirulina, barley grass and chlorella, one serving daily, is essential. What you’ll need to do is mix a scoop of the powder into a favorite liquid, juice or almond milk. Another drink is burdock root tea. This can help improve skin conditions. However, it should be warned that large quantities of burdock can and usually does stimulate the uterus, so avoid this if you are pregnant.

Home remedies for Acne fulminans are not effective, this type of Acne is a very serious condition, so please consult with your medical doctor before trying any natural treatments or diets as there may be other underlying reasons why you can’t proceed with a diet geared towards the treatment of acne.


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