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Manuka Honey for Acne & ManuKa Honey Uses

Raw Manuka Honey for Acne is a special honey produced in New Zealand and Australia as native bees collect nectar from the Manuka flower. Laboratory studies have demonstrated strong medical anti-bacterial properties for this special honey , specially for fighting bacterial buildup in the pores of the skin (the underlying cause of many forms of acne)

How to cure Acne with HoneyThis special honey, when dotted onto acne problem, works very well to draw impurities from the skin, since many forms of acne are rooted in bacterial buildup beneath the skin it is a great natural way to treat acne, verses some over-the counter treatment options which can dry out and irritate the skin.





What is the Unique UMF Factor –  ?

The anti-bacterial properties of this type of honey can be contributed to the compound Methylglyoxal (MG) or (MGO).  For his powerful anti-inflammatory benefit, honey producers have created a sort of scale to rate the presence of MG, called UMF, which stands for “Unique Manuka Factor“.

For general standards to be considered therapeutic honey needs to be 10+ UMF as minimum rating others rating are :(+5, 12+ 15+,16+, 20+,25+ 30+).


Make sure to see the UMF symbol before to buy it.

Another important code you might find on a Manuka product is the: NPA rating, which stands for “Non peroxide activity” that basically is the potency of the entire enzymes within this special and rare to find honey.


Manuka Honey Uses

This honey can be used directly to treat acne, (note: For some forms of acne in particular the cystic acne because is linked with hormonal and genetics causes, this special honey is not 100% effective)


The principal medical use is on top of a wound or around any exacerbated area. It’s also good for treating small burns or skin infections and is good also for multiples supplementary conditions; such as:


  • Anti cancer Treatment, 
  • Reducing Cholesterol and systemic inflammation,
  • Boosting immune system, 
  • Treating diabetes 
  • Fighting infections


Where to Buy Manuka Honey ?

This special honey can be bought without medical prescription in any pharmacy, whole foods or others natural stores or in Amazon. When sold for treat medical condition it’s sterilized and well prepared.


To make a soothing, cleansing, and skin-restoring manuka honey mask, you’ll need:

– See more at:

How to use it to rid of Acne

the recommend acne treatment depends from the UMF rate but a general use is:

  • > 1-2 Tea Spoon, 
  • > 4 times a day and alternatively use it to
  • > spread softly on the inflamed skin area and
  • > let stay  for 10/20 minutes after
  • > wash out with warm water

To change the the consistency a good idea is to warm it just a little bit before to apply to make it more soft and warm or you can refrigerate to firm.

Additional Benefit and Tips :


Manuka Honey Mask

Can be use also for face cleansing or for skin restoring making. To do that it’s better to use an active 10+ or 16+ UMF if possible.

manuka honey mask

Honey mask. Photo Credit by

The best way to do your honey mask is:


  • > First make soften the Honey by warming less few seconds
  • > For the quantity, is good to use more less 2-3 teaspoons, (additional you can add also a tiny amount of cinnamon or avocado that both also are another natural anti-anti-inflammatory ingredients  and rub it on
  • > Let stays for 10/20 minutes and gently wash your face few
  • > Times with warm water.
natural antibacterial

To make a soothing, cleansing, and skin-restoring manuka honey mask, you’ll need:

– See more at:

To make a soothing, cleansing, and skin-restoring manuka honey mask, you’ll need:

– See more at:

The only way to know if it will work, is to give it a try! As home remedy and natural nutrients don’t presents particular side effects and it makes sense try and objectively look to see if you notice improvements in your complexion.

If you are hesitant to make an investment in a huge container of the honey, try emailing a company that sells Manuka honey and ask for a free sample. Most will be happy to oblige.


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