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Nodular Acne Treatment – Guide How to cure Acne Naturally

Nodular Acne

In this Article will find a helpful understanding about Nodular Acne, how to prevent and cure it with Natural Acne Remedies and in alternative with conventional prescription medicine, so you can decide your best treatment to rid of quickly from Nodular Acne.


What is Nodular Acne ?



Nodular acne is different type of acne disease characterized by large inflamed nodules that become big, red and generally very painful.

An important aspect involved with this type of acne; named also (Nodulocystic acne) is that the nudular infection take place deep inside the roots of the hair follicle, causing pain and potential risk of scarring the skin for life if not treated in time, with the appropriate  attention.

The Nodular Acne appears when there is a combination of 3 factors together.

  1. When the body produces excess sebum  the entire hair follicles become weak and not protected from bacteria attach.
  2. In this situation the bacteria start to build up quickly causing a block

  3. The reflex effect is a shedding of dead skin cells that irritate hair follicles in the skin and If this blockage takes place deep inside the roots of the hair follicle rather than closer to the skin’s surface, the nodular acne takes place.

How to prevent Nodulocystic Acne


How to prevent Acne NodularPreventing acne risk typically involve an health food regimen and an adequate skin hygiene. Choose the right food plays an enormous function in preventing skin disease, especially Food rich of  Vitamin A : such us (Carrots, spinach, tomatoes)

Vitamin B: (cereals, legumes, fish),

Vitamin C: (fruits, vegetables)

Vitamin D: (mushrooms, alfalfa, egg)

Vitamin E: (almonds, hazelnut, palm oil)

A regular skin cleansing routine also helps to take away skin impurities and prevent Acne infections.

Washing your face with a natural antibacterial soap after wake up and before to go to sleep and also support your skin with designing organic nutritional products able to kill bacteria without causing excessive dryness or irritation are super effective Nodular Acne treatments.


Natural Acne Remedies


Nodular Acne is likely one of the most severe kinds of acne and we suggest to go to the dermatologist to have a better understanding about the risk and the real status of your skin and infection.

Many people have cured their Acne problem with natural treatments getting great results, avoiding all negative conditions as consequence of medicinal side effect.
Of course the natural way sometime could take a bit more time, but for sure is also efficient, cheaper and in a long run more health for your body.

Natural Home Remedies for Acne



Due to be bactericidal activity and antifungal properties, the Aloe Vera remedy become very useful for skin care, inflamed nodules and cyst infections.
With a knife first cut off the jagged edges of the leaf and then remove its thick skin. After that collect the inside nutrient gel part to smear or gently rub it on your face avoiding any contact with the eyes and let it dry off for a few minutes.
The Aloe extract starts to penetrate deep into the skin to kill bacteria and calming the infection.

Aloe Vera for Acne

How to Cure Acne with Aloe Gel


Another great effect of the Aloe Vera is that helps to relieve the pain, forming a protective layer over the skin reducing also the risk of scar lesions and in the mean time boost the production of new clean skin cell.
To get the most benefits from this type of treatment, we suggest to establish a skincare daily routine based on aloe Vera product, adding also Aloe Vera Organic Soap, lotion, cream, and mask.



Zinc supplements can be a very effective natural way to fight severe Acne inflammation like the nodular acne.
Zinc even in small quantity is able to boost the immune system and provide anti-inflammatory properties in all body and this is the reason why is used to cure acne and other skin infections.
the International Journal of Dermatology discovers that zinc deficiency is often related to severe skin conditions.

In relation to Acne problem, the benefit of zinc its antimicrobial properties able to kill bacteria and its ability to reduce the production of dihydrotestosterone.
In food, Zinc sources are present in whole grain, nuts, beans, seeds, almonds, oyster and lobsters, but the amount is not elevated and is recommended to get a supplementary natural Zinc product or pills in your health routine.



Tomatoes are also a very useful and effective remedy to fight skin inflammation and reduce scar lesions risk.
Tomatoes contain (ascorbic acid) able to help the skin to produce collagen, responsible to make the skin more elastic and resistant and able to repair itself from skin damage or cut.
The way to apply it similar to teethe Aloe treatment.

What you want to do is cut the tomato in half and use the inside part of each piece to gently rub your inflamed skin part. After that just relax a few minutes and let all the tomato acid dry off in your face and do the work for you. If done within daily routine this natural remedy will make pimples disappear almost overnight and will help your skin to get more nutrition and become more resistant from severe Acne infections.

Keep in mind also to nerve break or touch pimples or cysts with your finger because fingertips and nails hold a lot of germs and touch them increases the chance of irritation.



Ginger has anti-oxidant, anti-aging properties and anti inflammatory properties. Drinking natural ginger juice on daily basis boosts your immune system to fight the free radicals and cleans out the toxins from your system.

To reduce the Acne inflammation take organic ginger juice mix with a bit of lemon juice and raw honey and apply the mix directly on the inflamed acne area and let it stay for a few minutes, after 5 min wash it off completely with cold water. This process if done on daily bases really help your skin again acne inflammation and save your skin from scars risk.





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This special Oil is an type of natural Oil that comes from an Australian tree has strong antimicrobial properties and It can effectively kill bacteria’s and is well known to be an effective way of fighting towards acne. This Tea tree oil is normally sold as medicinal oil described as Oil of Melaleuca

interesting tests and researches have been done around the benefit and the effect of tea tree oil on acne.

With one of this study tea tree oil was compared to the medical benzyl peroxide solution to cure inflamed acne and the The study reveled that after 3 months both treatments appear to be effective and curative.

The medical research showed that benzyl peroxide seems to be more effective in action for the short term but in the other side the tea tree oil showed equal performance a bit slower in action but with the advantage to don’t produce any risk of side effect on the body.



Dandelion root for AcneThe Dandelion plant is a common plant easy to find around with many great natural and healthy properties. The extract of this powerful plan comes especially from its root known as great hormonal regulator rich in Vitamins A, B C & D.

The Dandelion root extract in Acne treatment, can help a lot to reduce the androgen level with a positive effect on skin resistance and also can reduce the acne inflammation.




Lavender oil is another great strategy to fight against acne.  The Lavender Oil is well known in the health industry for its antimicrobial properties able to kill off bacteria and many type of skin inflammation responsible for acne. As oil It can be applied directly to the inflamed skin part or gentle in all face.

The oil deeply penetrate deep into the skin to quickly ease the pain, redness and inflammation associated with acne. The Lavender Oil is pretty easy to find.




Licorice root is another powerful remedy to naturally treat acne due to its anti-inflammatory property in particular against redness and inflammation associated with acne.

The extract of Licorice root if applied daily in few weeks can reduce dramatically the infection caused by acne nodules. Can be found also as cream and can be directly applied to the inflamed skin surface. The Roof of Licorice can be also Chew. Licorice root in general is not suggested during pregnant status.




Neem is a tree and its oil leaf extract is normally used as powerful antiviral and antibacterial Oil to treat severe skin conditions like nodular acne, psoriasis, eczema, skin ulcers inflammation. Other good thing is that Its easy to find in Vitamin shop and Pharmacy.

The oil can be applied directly to the skin for a quick result. An abuse could cause a risk of abortion.



Water benefit for acne


Even if Drinking water and sleep enough could be considered too simple and obvious advice, in reality are at the base of many skin problem.
Drinking water is essential for clean out toxin in excess and hydrate and clean the skin and helps to reduce skin scars and also involve benefit in our overall health as well.

Consuming at the least 8 to 12 glasses of water a day is a enough amount of water to support your body in an healthy way.

The above natural treatment for Nodular Acne aren’t miracle remedies able to rid of acne overnight! they can be very effective ways to Treat Acne naturally but they require as always persistent to be really effective and rid of skin problems in a healthy way without any side effect.

Medical Prescription Acne Creams


To treat Severe Acne is highly recommendable to always consult a doctor first to receive a better understanding about the problem and choose the most appropriate solution to rid of Acne.

Some conventional acne nodules medications are listed below:


  • Cortisone for Acne


is one of the most prescribed drug to cure severe nodular acne in short time for an extreme skin situation case can be directly injected into the nodules. This reduces effectively the chances of scarring the face for life but may present some side effect.

Some corticosteroids medicine such as prednisone can be taken as pills and are able to kill off the bacteria causing acne, reducing actively the production of sedum in excess that causing nodular acne.


  • Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment


An antibacterial medicine based on benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are able to shrink inflamed nodules. It’s highly recommended to test first with tiny quantity in your skin to make sure to don’t have allergies to benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is a strong conventional medicine and it can provoke skin peeling for a short period. it’s always suggested to don’t rub hardly your face to avoid to damage the skin too much

Another important aspect to keep in mind using conventional medicine to cure severe acne is that bacteria quickly develop resistance to those types of antibiotics and after a while become less effective and can develop side effects to your body and this is why is important combine the use of medicinal treatment with different natural remedy.


  • Spironolactone for Acne ~ Aldactone


Another type of conventional Acne Medicine treatment based on the anti-androgens is the spironolactone, (normally sold under the name of Aldactone) contains estrogen and progestins and attach sebaceous glands stopping to produce excessive sedum and preventing the production of bacteria under the skin layer. One thing to mention is that the FDA didn’t recognize the Aldactone medicine as treatment for Acne.

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