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Pantothenic Acid (B5) For Acne

~ Vitamin B5 for Acne ~


Pantothenic Acid For Acne


Pantothenic acid is a B vitamin that you take in through your regular diet. It allows your body to breakdown nutrients from your food, and convert those nutrients into energy.  It is also linked to the production of hormones, which is why pantothenic acid can help treat, and possibly even prevent, acne.


Causes of Acne

There are three main things that cause acne breakouts:

1) bacteria, 2) sebum oil and 3) hormones.

And the impact of hormones on acne is clear given the fact that the majority of acne problems occur during the stages of puberty.  When you are an adolescent, your adrenal gland beings to produce massive amounts of androgen, which stimulates  the sebaceous glands on your skin to enlarge.



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When this happens, the production and secretion of sebum oil increases.  Large amounts of oil secretion will block your pores and hen appear as acne.


Nodular Acne

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Acne also occurs when bacteria that usually live on the skin becomes trapped under the sebum oil.  When this happens, the trapped pores can become infected and the inflammation then occurs.

Actions of Pantothenic Acid

To understand the effects that pantothenic acid has on acne you need to look at its biochemical makeup.   You need pantothenic acid to make what is called the CoA, which helps the body to break fats into fatty acids.  It then reassembles those acids into hormones.

Not having enough of the pantothenic acid in your system reduces the overall amount of CoA in your body.  This then decreases the body’s ability to breakdown fat.  Any fat that is not used is stored or released through the sebaceous glands as the sebum oil.  It is then that the onset of acne occurs.

Pantothenic acid also takes part in making your anti-stress hormones.  It assists with your body’s ability to keep the cortisol level in your blood controlled and in check.  Research has found that continuous subjection to high levels of stress can weaken your body’s immune system, which makes it more susceptible to bacterial infections.

 Pantothenic Acid Acne

If you increase the amount of pantothenic acid in your blood, then you can increase the production of anti-stress hormones which allows your body’s immunity level to strengthen.  This then allows effective control of bacterial growth and the overall spread of acne.

It is also important to note that some research shows that pantothenic acid has great anti-inflammatory functions which can then reduce the swelling and redness of acne.  This will help in the healing process.

Acne Treatment with Pantothenic Acid

It is recommended that your daily intake of pantothenic acid by way of your regular healthy diet is about 10 milligrams for the average adult.  However, in order to treat acne, you will have to take dietary supplements to obtain additional pantothenic acid.   Studies show that if you increase your intake by an extra 10 milligrams of pantothenic acid, this can effectively help reduce the severity of this condition.


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