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How to Cure Headache with Caffeine

Caffeine is generally present in some particular drugs that increase the alertness and decreases fatigue and muscle coordination. Is it known that the main world’s source of caffeine is coffee.

It’s important to know that if used excessively, caffeine can produce negative effects such as: anxiety, sleep problems, muscle twitching or abdominal pain.

Caffeine and Headache


Having a cup of coffee or tea with you aspirin provides better relief than aspirin alone.

In fact, caffeine can boost the pain-relieving powers of aspirin by about one-third, according to a research published in the medical journal Archives of Internal Medicineand can be a good remedy to cure headache. 

Keep reading to know more about how to cure Headache with Caffeine

Fred Sheftell M.D, Director of New England Center for Headache in Connecticut says

Caffeine can be very helpful, because it constricts blood vessels in fact, most aspirin products have a fair amount of caffeine in them”.

the research also recommend to:

  • limit the amount of caffeine to about 200 milligrams a day.
  • Take the amount in two five-ounce cups (not mug) of coffee
  • Avoid to take more than two aspirin table a day.

According to Glen Solomon, M.D and Headache specialist at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation:

If you are a coffee drinker during the week, is better don’t stop drinking it on weekends or you’ll risk a real head slitter

The reason of this is because even one day of skipping is enough to trigger a caffeine withdrawal headache

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