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Natural Home Remedies for Toothache

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Home Remedies for Toothache


Home Remedies for Toothache

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  • Most effective Home remedies
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                  If you ever had yourself experienced toothache you know that is a serious and painful experience.

Some of the most common reasons why a toothaches can appear could be related to many causes such as: Cavities issues, Tooth infections, Gum disease, jaw joint disorder etc.

The first thing to remember in this situation is to take toothache seriously and immediately take action, because If not cured promptly the pain can become more intense and create a blow.

In case of toothache it’s always advisable to consult your dentist, however to relief the pain you may try use some effective natural home remedies.


The most recommended Home Remedies


  • Chewing Ginger or Garlic

Garlic and Garlic have anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic effect able to immediately fight against the bacterial action inside the mouth. Making a paste of Ginger or Garlic with sea salt and apply it directly on the affected tooth, can be a very effective natural solution for toothache. Repeating the procedure for few  days until the infection disappear is a great way to cure toothache.


  • Clove Oil is one of the best Home Remedies for Toothache

Photo Credit by Doterra

Photo Credit by Doterra

      It acts as antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory agents that makes it a perfect cure for tooth pain and infections. Apply the Clove oil or paste and smear it on the aching area gums to alleviate the pain. You can make your own Clove oil following this vide or you can easily found in drug stores.



  • Fresh Onion

Cut a fresh onion slice and chew it to get your toothache relieved. Due to its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties onion has ability to kill infection causing germs; it needs to be done daily until the pain disappear.

  • Rubbing ice on the web between thumb and index finger

Another way to calm toothache pain using a simple and safer solutions is by rubbing ice on the web between your thumb and index finger until the pain go away.

  • Apply Lemon juice

Another home remedy for toothache able to affect the ache and relief the pain is to apply fresh lemon juice with a dropper directly on the infected area and repeat the process several time during the day.

  • Tea Tree oil, Oil of Oregano or Almond Oil.

All of them are very good healers of toothache. Soak a cotton swab with any of the oil and hold it in your mouth making sure the oil reach the area where the bacteria are in action and repeat the process daily until the infection disappear.

  • Whiskey or Vodka liquor

May help to reduce the toothache pain. Dip a sterile cotton ball in a shot of Whiskey liquor and with a sterilized tweezers apply the cotton directly into the infected part. This home remedy can be a useful trick especially when the infection is showing an evident blow.

  • Warm Water & Sea Salt

Photo Credit by Fotolia / Demandstudios

Photo Credit by Fotolia / Demandstudios

           Wash your mouth daily with Salt Water is a great home remedy to keep your mouth Clean, healthy and prevent toothache risk.  This remedy also provides a very effective and immediate solution during a toothache moment. Take a full spoon of Sea Salt and let it dissolve in a glass of warm water.   Drink and gargle the water making sure to let the salt water attach the infected area. it’s very important repeat this simple and effective remedy several times a day until the infection and the pain dissolves.


  • Apply an Ice compress bag

Fill a compress bag with ice, with a peace of cotton or a soft towel cover it and apply it directly on the cheek area of  your face where the tooth infection is active. The Ice effect and the cold temperature help to reduce the pain and the blow effect.  Never apply the Ice cube directly on the tooth because will dramatically increase the pain without kill the inflammation.

  • 100% pure vanilla extract

Another way to treat toothache with home remedies is to use a 100% pure vanilla extract. The Vanilla extract is the most common form of vanilla used today and It really helps; the best way is to apply some drops on the infected area and then make sure to gentle rub the inflamed tooth and all area around the gum.


Which one is the best Home Remedy ?

Beside all natural home remedies for toothache indicated the most effective and advisable way to avoid any tooth issue is to take seriously preventive measures with oral hygiene practices, which are brushing regularly, using dental floss and get cleaning of your teeth by a dentist twice a year.

Photo Credit by 1234rf

Photo Credit by 1234rf


                           Such preventive measures may also be useful to cure cavities, cracked tooth, gum disease etc. which are some of the other causes of toothache.




Important Notes

Home remedies cannot be taken parallel to a professional medical advice as compared to home remedies and consultation of dentist should be necessary in most of the case.

During a toothache an important thing to remember is don’t  use or place an aspirin tablet against your sore teeth, research showed results for teeth corrosion and acid affect on the gums.






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